Prevent premature skin aging and protect the skin against harmful external factors


Pre-age Emulsion Super Light 

Pre-age Cream Light 

Pre-age Cream Rich 

24h emulsion for slightly dry and combination skin

Velvety 24h care for normal to dry skin

Velvety 24h care for normal to dry skin 

• Powerful, non-greasy skin care lotion leaves the skin feeling silky smooth. Besides its unique anti-aging properties, it is also an ideal base for makeup. 

• Produces a more rejuvenated appearance

• Improves the skin's elasticity and reduces the visibility of lines 

Pre-age Cream Ultra-Rich

Pre-age Eye Cream

Pre-age Mask

Rich night care for dry to extremely dry skin

Quick absorbing eye care that pampers the skin

Mask for dry, tired, dull and stressed skin

 • Stimulates the skin to effectively regenerate overnight

• Counteracts premature skin aging

• Counteracts signs of premature skin aging 

• Helps reduce lines, dark circles and eye bags

 • Stimulates the skin‘s regenerative properties

• Rejuvenates stressed skin and improves moisture balance

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