New organic product line that matches the vegan lifestyle

(Certified vegan and organic)


All-in-One Cleanser

24h Deep Moisture Cream 

24h Perfect Calming Cream 

Cleanser that doesn't require water

Deep moisturizing 24 hour cream for dry and combination skin 

Protective 24 hour cream
for dry, sensitive skin 


• Helps remove makeup, dirt and oil from the skin without rinsing


• Restores the skin's natural functions making it look smoother

• Soothes irritated skin while balancing and softening the complexion

Eye Zone Smoother 

Keep Young Serum 

Hydroactive Mask

Anti-aging cream for even the most sensitive eye areas 

Concentrated anti-aging serum with intense hydration 

Moisture mask for all skin types

• Helps reduce dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles

• Makes the skin look smoother and younger

• Improves the skin's structure while leaving the skin fresh and healthy

Deep Cleansing Scrub 

Pure Moisture Concentrate 


Bamboo granular scrub enriched with shea butter and lactic acid

Ampoule with hyaluronic acid


• Promotes a refreshed and refined complexion

• Smoothes out wrinkles from the inside and gives the skin a radiant glow

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