Spa Treatment Kits


Homme Treatment

• Natural, deep cleansing peeling with bamboo granulate 

• Active ingredient concentrate with salmon caviar extract
• Gentle and silky massage cream

• Targeted help for the sensitive eye area

• Collagen booster for the skin’s synthesis of collagen 


Prestige Treatment
• Deep cleansing with an extract of 6 fruits

• Unique anti-aging system with pure concentrated retinol

• Highly effective anti-aging concentrate with Anti-Progeria technology and energizing vitamin power

• Especially rich massage cream with a fine texture and innovative Anti-Progeria technology

• Fast acting care mask


Caviar Treatment 
• Peeling with finely ground oyster shells

• Highly-concentrated active ingredients embedded in rich spring sea water

• Caviar concentrate

• Wellness massage with optimal care effect

• Concentrate to combat symptoms of fatigue in the eye area

• Concluding mask for a radiantly fresh complexion


ARCELMED® Matrix Repair Treatment

AHCare 30%

• Fruit acid product (exclusively for professional use)


AHCare Neutralisation

• Neutralizing gel


Matrix Repair Concentrate

• Chemical messengers support the skin’s repair processes, additional biopeptide enhances cell cohesion


Stress Defense Massage

• Calming mas

sage cream


Eye Therapy Mask

• Restructuring eye mask


Matrix Repair Face Mask

• Face mask to reduce wrinkles


Renovar® Treatment

Soft Refine Peeling

• Mild peeling cream with bamboo granulate and micronized silica 


Eye/Lip Line Reducer

• Cell activating and skin relaxing concentrate


Cellular Revitalizer
• Concentrate of active ingredients with an extract from apple stem cells


Super Moist Mask
• In-depth, moisturizing cream gel mask


Mimical Massage Cream

• Extraordinary massage cream with Botox-like active ingredients


Multibalance® Multi-lift Anti-âge Treatment 
Enzymatic peeling

• Enzymatic peeling


Effective Lift Liner
• To combat loss of resilience and symptoms of fatigue

Cellullar Matrix Protector
• Skin-firming anti-aging concentrate

Delicate Relax Massage
• Firming anti-aging massage base

Perfect Lift Mask
• Supplies the skin with powerful active ingredients to combat lines and wrinkles

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