Effective care for sensitive skin with special products against couperose


Stress Control Fluid Stress Relief Cream  Stress Relief Cream Rich

Light emulsion for sensitive skin

Moisturizing 24h care for sensitive and dry skin Rich 24h care for sensitive and very dry skin

• Calms stressed and red skin



• Soothes red, irritated and inflamed skin


• Reduces skin irritations 

Stress Relief Night Cream  (Extra Rich)

Eye Contour Balm Couperose Cream

Nourishing 24h care for sensitive dry skin


Gentle eye emulsion for sensitive skin



Cosmetic cream to treat couperose and telangiectasia



• Strengthens the skin (suitable for dry skin)

• Relieves irritated and red skin





• Strengthens capillaries

• Stimulates microcirculation


Gentle Couperose Cure  Stress Relief Mask  


Ampoule concentrate for sensitive and couperose skin


Calming care mask for sensitive and dry skin




• Relieves skin redness and irritation • Regenerates vessels and connective tissue


• Moisturizes and stabilizes the skin's barrier

• Visibly reduces irritations 


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