Relieve and protect the skin with active ingredients that restore the skin’s natural balance


Advanced Moisturizer Fluid 

Advanced Moisturizer Cream Gel 

Advanced Moisturizer

Day Cream 

Hydrating fluid for every skin type 

Soft gel cream for dry skin

Comfortable day care with moisturizing function

• Strengthens the skin barrier

• Makes the skin appear more supple

• Strengthens the cell complex of the epidermis

• Deeply moisturizes

• Smoothes and refines the skin

Advanced Moisturizer Night Cream 

Advanced Moisturizer Eye Cream 

Advanced Moisturizer Cure 

Highly effective night cream for dry skin 

High quality eye cream with a silky texture 

Concentrate of active ingredients with multiple moisturizers for all skin types 

• Balanced formula with natural vegetable oils for dry skin

• Soft eye cream for dry skin

• Reduces dry lines and signs of tiredness

 • Intensively moisturizes skin for a more supple look

Satin Silk Concentrate 

Intensive Moist Gel

Tinted Day Cream

Concentrate of active ingredients with proteins and hyaluron

Intensive moisturizing gel

Tinted day care in two shades of color 

• Leaves the skin feeling silky smooth

• Reduces wrinkles and lines

 • Leaves the skin feeling relaxed and refreshed

• Makes the skin appear younger with a slight touch of holiday bronzing 

Lip Care Stick LPF 15

Rich Massage Cream

Quick Moisture Result 

Lip care stick with UV protection 

Rich massage cream

Refreshing gel mask

• Moisture intense lip care stick

• Massage cream with high

glide property

• Moisturizes the skin

• Eliminates dry lines

Hydro Balance Mask 


Moisturizing gel mask with aloe vera and natural prickly pear extract


• Refreshes tired skin 

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