Experte Beauté

Wrinkle smoothing concentrates with an anti-aging effect


Sérum Sorbet No. 1

Sérum Sorbet No. 2 

Sérum Sorbet No. 3

• Counteracts signs of aging

Brightens and lightens the skin

• Counteracts signs of aging

• Protects and strengthens the skin

• Counteracts signs of aging

• Improves skin density and elasticity

Sérum Sorbet No.1 effectively brightens the skin and smoothes out wrinkles.

Sérum Sorbet No.2 smoothes and restructures the skin, strengthens the skin’s protective barrier and protects against environmental influences. It strengthens the network of elastin and collagen fibres.

Sérum Sorbet No.3 smoothes out wrinkles, improves the skin's appearance and supports skin regeneration. 

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