Tailored body contour care with precious plant extracts  


Delicate Shower Cream 

Himalaya Salt Scrub 

Perfecting Body Scrub 

Creamy shower gel

Vitalizing salt-oil body peeling. 

Skin-refining cream body peeling. 

• Cleanses the skin

• Helps the skin maintain its natural moisture content

• Leaves the skin feeling silky soft

• Cleanses and regenerates the skin

• Removes dead skin cells

• Leaves the skin feeling silky soft

• Removes dead skin cells and helps soften hands

Deep Comfort Body Lotion 

Protective Hand Cream 

Foot Repair Balm 

Rich body lotion

Moisturizing hand cream with UV protection 

Intense foot care cream 

• Intensively moisturizes the skin

• Softens hands

• Prevents chapped, rough and irritated


Refirming Body Cream

Refirming Body Oil

Intense Anti Cellulite Gel 

Rich lifting comfort cream 

Liquid care oil with concentrated plant power

Multi-active body care 

• Supports the skin’s natural elasticity (with moisturizing, lifting and firming

plant extracts)

• Improves the skin’s elasticity

• Helps prevent stretch marks

• Helps smooth dimples on the hips, bottom and thighs

• Promotes a smoother skin profile

Refirming Bust Cream 


Intensive light cream for the bust area


 • Helps the bust area appear fuller

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