Cosmetics and medicine are moving closer together with Arcelmed®! Cosmeceuticals are the synthesis of cosmetology, dermatology and aesthetic plastic surgery with a focus on an intensive anti-aging effect. As a modern skin care system, the products offer scientifically based solutions to successfully improve the skin’s appearance.


Dermal Oil Cleanser 

Dermal Tonic Spray 

Dermal Age Defy Light 

Water-soluble 2-in-1 cleansing oil with fine vegetable oils 

Non-alcoholic sprayable face tonic 

Intensive 24h moisturizing care for combination dry skin

• Removes long-lasting and water-resistant makeup 

• Moisturizes intensively

• Soothes inflamed skin 

• Alleviates dry skin

• Suitable as a makeup base


 Dermal Age Defy Rich 

Dermal Repair Complex 

Dermal Calming Gel 

Intensive cream with regeneration effect

Gentle cooling emulsion with intensive skin repair effect

Intensive calming gel

• Stimulates the skin’s renewal process 

• Accelerates the regenerative process

of irritated skin

• Strengthens the skin’s surface

• Cooling hydrogel for skin that is

irritated or prone to redness. Also good after dermatological treatments

(e.g. laser, epilation, peeling) 

Dermal Renewal Serum 

Dermal Face Lift 

Dermal Eye Repair 

Serum with highly-efficient AHA complex

Skin perfecting cream with immediate firming effect 

Light eye gel against dark circles and swellings around the eye

• Stimulates the natural skin renewal process

• Smoothes and hydrates

• Promotes cell renewal by removing dead skin cells

• Minimizes wrinkles

• Gives the skin a smooth and firm appearance

• Reduces swellings, dark circles

and lines

• Moisturizes the skin 

Dermal Line Filler 

Dermal Whitening Concentrate 

Matrix Repair Concentrate 

Anti-aging line filler

Daily whitening care

Anti-aging concentrate with active ingredients

• Makes lines and wrinkles appear smoother and tighter

• Reduces age and light-related pigment spots

• Activates the skin's natural repair functions

• Reduces the visibility of wrinkles

Dermal Peptide Power Mask 

Dermal AHA Effect Cream 

Dermal Vitamin C Skin Serum


Anti-aging mask with immediate repair

effect for all skin types

Skin refining cream with fruit acid complex

Reduces wrinkles and brightening effect


• Moisturizes and regenerates stressed skin

• Improves skin structure by mild


  • Gives the skin a new, more even, radiant appearance
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