MIRATENSE® - the key to slowing down the signs of skin aging


Soft Foam Cleanser Softening Lotion Daytime Shield
Luxury soft cleansing cream Mild alcohol-free lotion Silky day care with lifting and detoxing effect

• Forms a light soap-free foam 

• Removes eye makeup

• Moisturizes and clarifies skin

• AHA effect with slight exfoliation

• Helps protect the skin against free radicials

Stimulates collagen synthesis and causes lines and wrinkles to become less noticeable

Overnight Repair Eye & Lip Zone Lift Advanced Face Lift 
Silky night repair with a botox-like effect  Intensive care for the eye and lip area Highly concentrated formula with a unique lifting and detoxing effect 

Helps improve the skin's complexion during the regeneration phase at night

• Improves the skin's resilience

Counteracts swelling in the eye area

• Helps "pad out" existing wrinkles from the inside, leaving the skin looking fresh and youthful

• Leaves skin feeling silky soft (can be worn by itself or under a cream)

• Supports skin regeneration, improves the skin's density and lifts facial features

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