Effective care for combination skin, oily skin and acne prone skin with excessive sebum production


Oil Control Cream

24h Clearing Cream 

Blemish Control

Normalizing 24h cream with balancing lactic enzymes

Moisturizing 24h care for impure skin 

Topical care for impure skin 

• Normalizes the flow of sebum

• Reduces inflammation

• Helps achieve a more matte complexion

• Comats propioni bacteria, which triggers acne

• Clears the skin of impurities

• Combats spots and pustules

• Prevents inflammation

Pore Minimizer Cream

Pore Minimizer Fluid

Clearing Mask

24h refining cream for greasy skin

24 hour fluid for greasy to very greasy skin

Special mask to normalize oily skin 

• Reduces the appearance of pores

• Moisturizes and creates a slight matte effect

• Produces an instant matte finish

• Prevents blackheads

• Normalizes sebum production

• Clears the skin of impurities

Oil Control

Touch Stick


Highly effective concentrate with antibacterial effect

Anti-spot roll-on with antiseptic effect


• Calms inflamed skin

• Reduces the flow of sebum and an oily sheen

• Alleviates acute inflammation

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